• Peter Thompson


General worthy practice with a moving company will involve having someone visit your home to (as a minimum) assess how many things you want to take with you – the “size” of your move. A specialised mover focused on providing you a good service will also use this opportunity to understand more about your requirements and make sure they have all the information they need to give you a detailed, fully inclusive price and to make sure you have all the information you need to be ready for and comfortable with your move. If you've only just started thinking about booking removal surveys and aren't sure what to expect then here''s our guide on how to get an accurate quotation...

1. Show the move consultant EVERYTHING! For a precise quotation to be drawn up correctly, you want to make sure your move advisor has seen every room in your house where there is furniture/belongings to be moved. Let them see inside any large storage cupboards and don’t forget the loft*, the garage, the basement and the garden shed.

In the garden don’t forget about any plants, garden furniture or ornaments you will be moving. These will need to be taken into account, especially for space required on a vehicle.

If you are planning on buying anything new that will need to be moved also try to give the Move Consultant an idea of what this will be –

DON’T WORRY moverman will move anything and everything reasonable in the hourly rate.

2. Be prepared to answer questions during removal surveys? A typical move advisors job to understand your individual situation and what you require and need and to then take all this information and build you a tailor-made solution based around what you’ve told them. Whereas Moverman is a pay as you go service allowing you to move whatever you need within the hours you choose. Just make sure you know the following:

Dates – Do you know when you want to move yet?

Flexibility – Do you need exact dates or do you have a window the mover can work with? You might find they can offer you better prices for certain dates where they are less busy.

Completion dates - If you are completing on your house sale on the day of the move do you know what time keys to your new property will be available and what time you need to be out of your current home?

3. Do you need any additional services? A house move doesn’t always just involve packing, transport and unpacking. What about the climbing frame in the garden? Will that be essential for taking down and putting back up? All your pictures are hanging nicely on the walls now, but who is going to put them all back up at the new home? Same goes for lampshades, clocks or mirrors. It’s also amazing that no matter how much of a clean freak you are with the housework when all your furniture and belongings are taken out suddenly you find dust and dirt in all kinds of new places! Do you have time to clean the place you’re moving out of before you go or do you just want to leave? Same in the new home – it’s nice to have your new place clean before you start putting things in and make it harder to get there, are you going ahead to do this or do you want someone else to do this for you? Do you want to be able to ‘live’ in your house ASAP? Maybe a bit of help unpacking will allow you to hit the ground running quickly and get back to normal life and priorities!.

For lots of other information on getting removal surveys or just general advice on moving house, check out our complete guide to the removal process.